Skyrim Journal: Entry 3

December 9, 2011 at 10:45 pm (Games) (, )

Entry 3:


                After looking for the dragon corpse for about another hour, I give up. I continue on my journey towards Ivarstead, and on the way I find yet more Giant camps and caves and hideouts. I finally reach Ivarstead and talk to the locals. I meet a woman who has a sort of grudge against bears and asks me to bring her ten bear pelts. I meet two men on the bridge to the 7,000 steps, which is my way to High Hrothgar, the home of the Greybeards, masters of the Voice who can teach me how to use my Shouts more effectively. I offer to take some supplies one of the men has been tasked to deliver to the Greybeards up the mountain for him. Long story short, the steps were half covered and snow, it pretty much sucked, and there was a frost troll that was really hard to kill. I talk to the Greybeards and tell them that I am a Dragonborn. They ask me to demonstrate my power. So I do. They teach me some new shouts like Whirlwind Sprint, which makes me dash about thirty yards in half a second.  After they finish teaching me new stuff, they have me go find the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller. So I venture out for the Horn and come across many perils and challenges, as any questing adventurer would, and after all that time and hard work, the Horn isn’t there. Just a note that tells me to meet “A friend” at the inn in Riverwood.

                Slightly infuriated, I travel to Riverwood and go to the inn. The innkeeper’s wife came up to me on the spot and took me to her room. I had no objections. She then opened the cupboard which was actually a secret passage way to an underground dungeon. I still had no objections. She then asked me to help her figure out why the dragons are roaming Skyrim again. I was suddenly uninterested. But, like the good, just, and lawful hero I am, I decided to help her out anyway… wait a minute…Realizing that if I wanted to get any further into the game, I met her at the location of a Dragon Burial, like she asked me. There, we hid and waited. Out of nowhere came what seemed to be the same black dragon that attacked the town where I was about to be executed, who, I guess, oddly enough, saved my life. Then, the black dragon started speaking, and out of the mound came a giant frost dragon. We now knew how dragons were coming back into existence. The black dragon’s name was Alduin, the World-Eater, a kind of demigod almost, I think.  Anyway, soon after, Alduin left, and Delphine and I attacked the newly reborn Frost Dragon. It was an interesting fight, since it was clear that she imagined that I would be a warrior who was built to take a lot of hits while she attacked with her bow. I guess she would have figured that out about the time I started ducking behind rocks and letting her take all of the hits instead. Some two hundred arrows or so later between the two of us, the Frost Dragon lied dead.

                We then returned to Riverwood, and she now had suspicions that the Thalmor, a group of elves who at sometime between Uriel Septim’s death and now defeated the Empire basically took control of it. So basically, the Thalmor are to blame for the internal War in Skyrim between the Empire and the Stormcloaks. Delphine sends me to Solitude, where I shall meet with a contact of hers who shall sneak my desired equipment into the Thalmor Embassy, which is hosting a party that I am going to sneak into to find information about the Thalmor’s connection with the resurrection of dragons. I meet with the contact, who is a Wood Elf, and give him my armor, bow and arrows, and healing potions. I meet with Delphine outside the city limits and we travel to the embassy, and I infiltrate the Embassy. I meet the contact again, who is acting as a bartender, and he tells me that I need to create a distraction so that I can get into the back without being noticed. There is man at the party who is known to get a bit rambunctious when he’s had a little. So I give him a little. He almost immediately goes off on a rant about someone at the party, which gives me a chance to duck back into the kitchen into a storage closet and begin my investigation.

 I take the secret entrance, and see a short hallway and two open doorways. With my assassin’s guild armor (oh yeah, by the way, at some point I accidentally went to sleep and was taken to this cabin in the middle of nowhere. There I took a little test and was accepted into the Assassins’ Guild, where I got some bitchin’ armor that increases a bunch of my stealth skills and makes me completely silent.) I was able to sneak past one doorway to reach the other one, and wait for the guards in the first doorway to purloin the other room. After the guards finish talking and leave, I go into the room and up the stairs to my right, kill the guard near the top of the stairs and walk out smoothly. Once I got outside, however, I was noticed practically on the spot. I killed hoards of guards and ran from others, but eventually reached the building that I wanted to.  I listened in on a conversation between two people in one of the rooms, and after I was satisfied that one was out of earshot, I promptly walked in and killed the other one, and followed still live one into the dungeon-ish place. In the basement, there was a man there being held captive and tortured. I waited atop the stairs to try to gather any information that I could, and then attacked the torturer and other Thalmor, which, in a round-about sort of way, freed the prisoner. I gathered written documents from the Thalmor’s chest that contained information on dragons and a man named Esbern, whom the prisoner also mentioned. After releasing and talking to the prisoner, a group of guards, quite literally, came out of nowhere. I killed them, and then took one of their keys to get into the pit in floor of the room. Inside was a frost troll, but by now they were of no consequence to me.

I eventually got out and returned to Delphine. I told her about the name Esbern, and she seemed shocked and intrigued at the same time, and asked me to go to the Ratway and find him before the Thalmor do. I travel to Riften and go to the Thieves’ Guild, from where I can go to the section of the Ratway I need to. Unfortunately, the Thalmor got there before me, and I was ambushed by the whole group of them. After treating myself to some ass-kicking experience, I continued on and found Esbern, whom I took back to Delphine.  Apparently, he was also a Blade, and had found the location of Alduin’s Wall, which was obviously important. I opted to regroup with them at Karthspire, where we would find Sky Haven Temple and Alduin’s Wall. We arrived, and after a bit of dungeoneering, reached Alduin’s Wall, where we discovered that Alduin was defeated by a Shout that was could cripple dragons and bring them to the ground for as long as it was active.

I finally, since my quest for the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, revisited the Greybeards at High Hrothgar. The Greybeards tell me that I should talk to their master, who lives at the Throat of the World, the highest point in all of Tamriel. First, they teach me all three words to the “clear skies” shout, so that I can clear the way to the Throat of the World. I learn the shout and make my way to their master, the most skilled of them all in the Way of the Voice. I reach the summit, and suddenly a dragon comes out. As is my reaction as one, a dragon-slayer, and two, and archer, I pull out my bow and attack. Then the dragon lands. I attack it one more time. Then it starts talking to me. I realize I probably shouldn’t have shot at it. It turns out that the dragon is the Greybeards’ master, and his name is Paarthurnax. He tells me that the shout I am looking for is called Dragonrend, but he cannot teach it to me as it was created by people to attack dragons. The shout forces upon the targeted dragon the concept of mortality, so only a mortal can use it on a dragon. He also informs me that that Alduin was defeated, sort of, thousands of years ago, by not only Dragonrend, but also an Elder Scroll. But the Elder Scroll only shifted Paarthurnax in time. However, I could use this to my advantage. I could go retrieve the Elder Scroll and use it to look into the past and learn Dragonrend from the very ones who created it. So, long story short, I got the Scroll and learned the shout.

Instantly, after coming out of the vision, I was attacked by Alduin himself. Between Dragonrend and the aid Paarthurnax, I was able to defeat him, but he got away at the last moment. I decided that this would be a good time to go out and quest around Skyrim and become stronger and become more familiar with the land. So I set my sets on the College at Winterhold.


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