Skyrim Journal: Entry 2

November 23, 2011 at 2:45 pm (Games) ()

Entry 2:

                After returning the stone that I found in Bleak Falls Barrow (?), a soldier comes up to the court mage, the Jarl and me and reports that a dragon is attacking a nearby fort. As the “person with the most experience fighting dragons,” the Jarl recruits me to go with this soldier and deal with the dragon. My only thoughts at the time are, “yeah, I ran away from the last one, I’m definitely qualified to go kill one”…So we eventually reach the tower/fort and see it in burning pieces for the most part. As we are investigating, the dragon descends upon us, and attacks. As an archer, I decide to go to the top of the tower and snipe it from there. What I didn’t count on was the dragon targeting me specifically. I was actually doing alright for a bit, until out of nowhere I was pushed off by the dragon and died…So I had to restart from leaving Whiterun and start all over again. Upon reaching the tower, I saved, which brought back my habit of saving every five minutes (no joke, I am now level 27 and have saved almost 275 times).  This time I decided to stay on the ground and use the soldiers as cannon fodder, which proves successful. I quickly learn it is much easier to have others kill dragons for you than to actually try yourself. As the dragon is dying, its skin begins to burn away, and a strange force similar to the glow that emitted from the words in the dungeon begins to flow into me. Apparently, the soldiers of Whiterun have never seen someone absorb the soul of a dragon, as they all start to talk and gasp amongst themselves.

One of them finally says something to be about being a Dragonborn. He asks me to shout at him. I pause. I then decide that weirder things have happened, and go ahead and try it out. I let forth a mighty, “WHOOMPH,” which knocks the guy back a bit. He goes on to say something about how he was right, or something or other, but I stop listening, because I feel that testing my new power of being able to knock people on their asses by just shouting at them is a much more productive use of time. (Note: This is the only time you can use an offensive shout on someone and have it not be considered a crime, as I am about to find out, so try to get it out of your system now while you still can) With the assumption that I can do this to anyone I want and not get in trouble for it, I go to the local tavern. I start to sneak across the room and hide directly behind the bard. He introduces a song by saying something along the lines of “This was the last song my father taught me before he died: Oh there once was a hero named-“ WHOOMPH. And at that moment, the bard pulls out a knife, and everyone and their mother in that building gets up and pulls out their battleaxes and swords, and I just run. Apparently my shout was very loud, because as I’m stepping out of the tavern I get rushed by a group of no less than eight guards. By the time I’m out in the fields in front of Whiterun, my minimap on the stop of my screen is nothing but red dots looking back at the mob. At this point I decide to simply restart from the Autosave of walking into the tavern. After hearing of my valor against the dragon, a.k.a., hiding behind everyone else until the dragon was like a millimeter of health left, then going after with my sword so I look like a badass, the Jarl decides to name me Thane of Whiterun, which I later learn means I can do whatever the hell I want, including killing random people within the hold of Whiterun, and not have to pay any consequences.

                Now I feel it is about time to wonder around some other parts of Skyrim. I take the wagon transportation thing to Winterhold, to check out the College. I talk to the woman standing guard at the entrance to the College, and decide that I would deal with it later. I go to the local tavern and ask the bartender about any rumors they had heard. She tells me that a boy in Windhelm was trying to contact the Dark Brotherhood. There is about a five second span between me hearing that, and me being in Windhelm. Maybe even less. I eventually come across a woman and a boy arguing about the boy trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood. After they are done, I break into the boy’s house, and find him performing the Black Sacrament. He assumes that I am an assassin sent from the Dark Brotherhood, and sends me to kill a demented orphanage owner in Riften.  Being not one to pass up the opportunity of killing someone with potentially no repercussions, I head over to Riften and see about this orphanage owner. Along the way, I actually meet a member of the Thieves’ Guild. I fail my initiation, but that apparently doesn’t matter as he asks me to meet him in the Ratway, the underground sewers of Riften.  On my way, I decide to kill the orphanage woman really fast. After she dies, all the children in the orphanage begin to cheer. Clearly, I had done a good deed. Not wanting to leave any witnesses that might rat me out, I also kill the caretaker, or whoever the other woman was. Ironically, this attracts the attention of the guards, so I have to pay a 1000 gold fee.

                On my way out of prison, I decide to pay the Thieves Guild a visit, as I am still trying to become an initiate in all of the guilds. I have to kill a few people on my way, but I eventually reach the Ragged Flagon, an underground-ish tavern. I speak to the man I met on the streets again and he sends me to collect debts from certain citizens of Riften. After much heirloom smashing and statue ransoming, I am accepted as a member of the Thieves Guild. I head back to Winterhold and inform the boy that that the orphanage owner has been taken care of. Satisfied with my work in Winterhold, I head out to Azura’s shrine. Let me tell you, the Nords definitely know how to worship their Daedra. The shrines in Skyrim are colossal compared to those in Cyrodiil. I speak to Azura’s shrine’s caretaker, and learn that I need to find someone who knows where her star is. Uninterested in solving the riddle, I go after the dragon icon that’s been taunting me on my minimap this whole time. 

                To my fellow aspiring archers, fighting dragons with a bow is really hard. As I’m sure you will find out for yourself, it takes a great amount of skill in being able to find suitable cover and judging when the dragon will use its breath attack, and above all, patience for the damn thing to land. Actually to be honest, it is truly an armor problem. I imagine the fight would have been much easier if I had trained myself at Light Armor better, or had delved into Heavy Armor instead. After felling the great beast, I retrieve its gold, bones, trinkets, and finally its soul (just for good measure). I then go to an indentation in the cliff and learn a new word of power, and unlock it with the dragon’s soul.

                I return to Whiterun and am confronted by a courier who has a letter for me. I look at it, and it is a black handprint with the words, “We Know” written underneath. I take some time and sell and treasures I had obtained since my last visit to Whiterun and improve any new weapons or armor I might have picked along the way. Content with my inventory, I proceed to make my way towards Ivarstead, where I can apparently learn how to use my dragon powers more effectively. For whatever reason, I decide to make my way towards the Giant’s camp immediately outside of Whiterun, except this time, something interesting happens. Before I can even really reach the camp, a dragon pops up out of nowhere, and starts to fight the giants. I am relieved, because I see this as an opportunity to be rid of the giants and possibly have the dragon weakened somewhat so I don’t have to put up as much of  a fight, which is nice considering there are no means of cover anywhere near this place. I am incredibly surprised as I see the dragon’s health bar simply begin to vanish, and within manner of seconds, the dragon is dead, and the giants relatively unharmed. And then I realize possible most valuable lesson I will ever learn while exploring Skyrim. It is a lot easier to let giants kill dragons then to actually try to kill them yourself. Still feeling that I have something to prove, I run past the giants and camp on the rock formation on the opposite side of the camp I was on, and start to snipe the giants. Unsure of what to do, the giants simply run away from me. My first thought is, “oh great, a glitch.” So I hop down from my post and start attacking them again, but as soon as I leave my rock, they start to come after me again. After about fifteen minutes of jumping on and off my rock, I realize that it’s not a glitch, and they are actually strategically running away so I can’t hurt them, since they realize that there is no possible way for them to attack me. Two hours and some five hundred arrows later, I have vanquished three mammoths and two giants without being hit a single time. After collecting the spoils form their carcasses, it dawns on me that I have no idea where the dragon corpse is, and I have yet to collect its soul.


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