The Day After 1-Picks 11/10

November 10, 2011 at 1:30 pm (Comics) (, , , , , , )

If I could only pick one…

sorry for the lack of advanced 1-Picks, but these books MUST be acknowledged

Single issue

Magneto: Not a Hero #1


Clay Mann drawing a Magneto mini? Yes, please. I’ll take FIVE copies.


I’ve been waiting for this book with massive anticipation since it was first announced. Mr. Mann does not disappoint! My expectation for this look of this book was pretty high, and I was not disappointed. We even gets some new direction stuff out of Mann with drawing the x-teens, and an infant here and there. Plus, a little Mann on Mann ass Seth Mann joins the team to ink the book.


Now, while I knew no matter what, this book was going to be a triple dip, I’d be a lyin’ if I said I wasn’t at least a teenie weenie bit worried about what Young would do with the Master of Magnetism.  I’ve read a little of Young’s writing, and enjoyed it quite a bit, but this was entirely new territory here. I’m OVERJOYED  to say that not only did he write a fantastic Magneto (with the perfect balance of arrogance and badassery without foaming out the mouth silver age villainy) but every other character he touched in this book was spot on. The banter in the quick scene between Captain American and Iron Man was fantastic, and he also wrote a well-balanced Cyclops that I think people have missed as of late. I’d like to personally thank Mr. Young for finding Magneto’s balls. I’m pretty sure they rolled under a desk somewhere when he first showed up on Utopia, and I’m happy to see that someone decided to give them back.


Well done Mr. Young and Mr. Mann. Well done.  Book of the week. Easiest 1-pick decision I’ve ever had to make.

Call your shop or grab it at

Trade: I’d substitute my trade for a second single issue!!

Avenging Spider-Man #1



Another book that was a lock was Avenging Spider-Man. JOE MAD!!!!!!!!! I mean does anything else need to be said? It’s Joe freaking MAD! And excellent Mad. I personally like the penciled look. Quite a bit and rarely to I feel that inking make much of an improvement. This art is absolutely beautiful, and paired with Wells’ writing in absolutely perfect unison. One of the  most fun books I’ve read in a very long time, and possibly the best debut issue for a new series that I can remember.

These will sellout FAST, call your shop or order now


It’s been a really solid past few weeks for Marvel. Both new X-books knocked it out of the park, Aaron on Incredible Hulk, absolutely inspired, and another week of two new books that are simply wonderful.

I think DC put out some stuff too. 😉



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