Final Fantasy XIII: Tips

November 7, 2011 at 9:50 pm (Games)

            Alright, so you’re at the end of the game, or you’ve already beaten it, but still haven’t done everything because your characters are too weak. Basically, it comes down to two things. You need Gil (to get better weapons) and experience (to just make your characters better), and you need to get them fast.


(Note: There is another save point after the three portals open up to Orphan’s Cradle, Gran Pulse, and Edenhall. Go ahead and go on and try to beat Orphan, because this is how you unlock the last crystarium stage. Just let the credits roll and it will be unlocked after you reload at the save point just before the big battle.)




For the experience, a vital item is going to be the Growth Egg, which doubles the experience for every battle (this goes to all characters, not just the one holding the Growth Egg). To get it, you need to complete Mission 55, which is a Neochu. The mission stone is in Oerba. Make your way towards the bridge. Instead of going up the stairs towards the shack that leads to the bridge, go right and reach the top of the building. You should see the stone in the roof garden. The Neochu itself is towards the Faultwarrens, and you will need a Chocobo to access it.        

The Fight:


To beat this mission, you’ll pretty much have to use Vanille’s Death (You wouldn’t be looking at this if you were strong enough to beat him).  I will tell you now, this will more than likely take a while, but there is no way it can take longer than maxing out your characters without the Growth Egg, so just endure it, and keep going. The first thing you’ll want to get it Vanille’s Marlboro wand (or the Belladona wand, if you have the funds, both work just fine), because of the Improved Debuffing II ability, which makes Death more likely to work. In the fight itself, you’ll need Vanille (obviously), Hope, and Snow/Fang depending on your items. If you have a lot of health boosting items, let Fang fight since she already has a high attack. If you have a lot of attack boosting items, let Snow fight since he already has a lot of health. Vanille will be your Saboteur, Hope will be your Synergist/Medic (unless for whatever reason Sazh is almost as good at healing as Hope, since he is actually a better Synergist for this fight), and Snow/Fang will be your Sentinel/Commando. Set up your paradigm deck like so:


Vanille             Hope/Sazh       Snow/Fang                   

            1          SAB                  SYN                  SEN            

            2          SAB                  MED                SEN            (Preset this one)

            3          MED                RAV                 COM

            4          RAV                 COM/RAV       COM

            5          MED                MED                SEN

            6          MED                COM/RAV       SEN


Make Vanille the leader (duh). The Neochu is going to hit you pretty hard at the start. Let Hope/Sazh heal your team, and then switch to paradigm 1. If you have Hope, let him cast buffs until everyone has haste and protect. If you have Sazh, then let him cast vigilance on top of haste and protect, as this will improve the chance of Death. With Vanille, try casting Imperil. If it doesn’t work within a minute or two, skip it and start pounding it with Death (In case you don’t know, after you choose an ability set up for a turn, if you press right while you’re on “Ability,” you can repeat the last one you did, this way you’re not frantically trying to reach Death and you don’t waste time). Keep this up until either you die (which is bound to happen after it casts Pollen and Screech) or it dies. Once you get it down, you still have all the Piochus to deal with. Once you kill the Neochu, switch to either Paradigm 4 (if your characters are almost dead) or Paradigm 3. Whenever your characters are starting to get pummeled, switch to Paradigm 4. If your characters’ HP is too low, and if some of your characters can’t handle it, switch to Paradigm 6. If all goes well, you will be rewarded with the Growth Egg. It really doesn’t matter who has it on, as long as that person is fighting.


Experience Farming:


Now, with or without the Growth Egg, make your way back to the Archlyte Steppe. Just before the entrance to the underground on the left side of the map, there is battle between a King Behemoth and a Megistotherian.  To make this fight last less than half a minute, have Lightning or Fang as the leader, the other one, and then Hope. If Hope already has the Commando role, Use the Cerberus Paradigm (COM, COM, COM), and if your characters’ main stats are over 2,000, you won’t even be hit. To refresh the fight, just go a couple steps past the save point at the top of the hill and do it again. You will receive 13,200 experience for every fight. Within a couple hours, you can reach 999,999 experience, which you only need to accomplish twice to max out any secondary role (The three that take a lot longer to level up).




There are two ways to get a good amount of Gil. The first requires a Chocobo. You can play Chocobo Hot and Cold in the Archlyte Steppe, and hope you get a gold nugget or some other Gil-making item. The other way is to go back to Edenhall and fight from the portal to the entrance. Every fight here (except the Juggernaut and the monster across from it) has a chance of giving you Perfume, which sells for 12,500 Gil. The fights against humans also have a chance of giving you Incentive (2,500) or Credit (500) Chips, and the C’ieth have a chance of dropping Scarletite (7,000).


Using these two tricks, you should be able to make your characters three times as strong within a matter of days. Honestly, you just need to sit down and do it. I know, it’s tiring, I had to do it too, but if you don’t, then you don’t exactly get bragging rights, and you’ll always feel unaccomplished as a person until you do max out your characters. You don’t want that to happen, now do you?


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