Generation Hope

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Generation Hope-Post Second Coming

Okay, I’m kind of torn as to whether or not to have you go back and read Second Coming, for which you really should read X-Force vol. 1 and 2, which means you should really read Messiah Complex, which is pt. 3 of the Messiah trilogy, 2nd coming being pt. 3. So, do all that, (basically, see how to start with Messiah Complex) or…

Second Coming is over. Also, Siege (in the larger Marvel U) is over. What does it mean? A break from, let’s face it, a pretty dark time in the Marvel U all the way around. This is a time of new starts, and (albeit brief) a bit of optimism on the mutant front.

Uncanny X-Men: Birth of Generation Hope

Hope travels looking for her new team. We meet some new characters, and get even more confused as to what the poor girls powers are.

Anthology-X-Men: To Serve and Protect





Generation Hope vol. 1-The Future is a Four Letter Word

It’s a first outing, and a time to intro the new staff as they go out in search of the 5th light. This book keeps to itself pretty well, but will make a presence in Schism.



Ancillary titles not directly tied to Hope


Curse of the Mutants, Power and Responsibility, First to Last

These titles play very well on their own all the way to issue #20. It’s kind of an X-Men ‘team-up’ book with the rest of the Marvel U. Surprisingly fun.

Curse of the Mutantswas muy long, but overall a decent, popcorn munching summer blockbuster kind of story. X-Men team up with Blade

With Great Power, the gang takes a trip back to NY and run into your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Bachalo art made this story quite the treat.

First to Last-Chris Yost returns to the x-men to tell a tale that flips back and forth from the O5 to the present gang. A cool little story that weaves some interesting lore into the x-mythos. You don’t NEED to read it, but it’s worth checking out.

X-Men Legacy: Collision

Rogue is encouraged to take some ‘down time’ after Second Coming and heads off with Magneto, Indra, Loa and Anole to India where Indra has some family matters to tend to. Good, tight little stand-alone stories featuring a personal favorite group of…baddies? And a new character I hope will stick around.



NEW BOOK! Wolverine

Jason Aaron kicks off his new Wolverine solo title with Wolverine Goes to Hell. If you get on this train, you need to stay on it for the next few arcs. Each one bleeds into the next into a larger story that will take you all the way to Schism. You can read Wolverine Goes to Hell, X-Men vs, Wolverine, and Wolverine’s Revenge all in one go. Just be sure not to read issue #17 until you are done with Schism.

vol. 1-3 are fine to read before Schism

vol.1 Wolverine Goes to Hell 

vol 2 Wolverine vs. X-Men

vol. 3 Wolverine’s Revenge

NEW BOOK! Daken Dark Wolverine:

 Covered in Where to Start with X-Men…right now


Covered in Where to Start with X-Men…right now. Definitely get caught up on vol. 1-3 before you hit uncanny #544 (the last UXM issue that takes place post-schism)

NEW BOOK! Uncanny X-Force

I love this book. I mean, I REALLY love this book. You can hop on here and ride all the way to Schism without having to stop and read something inbetween. Furthermore, each arc kind of bleeds into the next for a very nice overall story. Now, this is a different roster and kind of a different direction than the previous X-Force title, so don’t expect the same thing. However, this is just as good in it’s own right. Furthermore, you don’t need to have read any previous X-Force book, or x-title to be able to follow this. You can pick up with vol. 1, and read all the way thorugh vol. 4, The Dark Angel Saga before you read Schism.

vol. 1Apocalypse Solution

vol. 2 Deathlok Nation

vol. 3 Dark Angel Saga bk. 1

vol. 4 Dark Angel Saga bk. 2

Uncanny X-Men: Quarantine

Many of the x-books at this point can be read at their own pace. You don’t have to stop and read each title before continuing. As such, you can jump right to Quarantine post Birth of Generation Hope if you want.




Age of X

Crossover with New Mutants and X-Men Legacy. You don’t need to read the other titles, or even the titles before Age of X to read this, but it will help. Especially helpful would be the New Mutants trades leading up to this story. While this arc does not directly tie in to the other x-books, there are some permanent effects that may have you scratching your head if you don’t check this out.


New Mutants-Unfinished Business

kind of a game changes, new team, new direction, roster shake up.




X-Men Legacy: Aftermath

Directly related to Age of X. Contains issues from both before and after.




X-Men Legacy: Lost Legions

Age of X fallout/clean-up story, very well told


…keeps truckin’ along doin’ it’s own thing. However, it will have some major game changers post Schism, so be caught up through vol. 13, or issue #229 before heading over to Schism. #230 is being touted as the first ‘post-schism’ issue.

Now head on over to Schism


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