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October 27, 2011 at 1:16 am (Movies)


 Another movie brought to you by the producers of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, 2 very funny movies. Street thugs defend their turf when it becomes under attack by invading aliens. Come on, why wouldn’t you want to see this? Although Simon Pegg is not in the film his partner in hi-jinks, Nick Frost who has shown he can hold his own, is in the movie. So you can count on some enjoyment.

 Buy it at Amazon today.



 This is a fantastic origin story of Captain America. It includes all the cheesiness of the propaganda of the 1940’s which makes the film more enjoyable. The only complaint I had with the film was Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull. He is a wonderful actor and I have loved a lot of other characters he has played, but this one just wasn’t very good and I was not impressed. Beyond that this was a great movie and the last of the Marvel films leading up to the Avengers due out late spring or summer.

Speaking of that, if you have not seen the other films you need to. Iron Man I and II, Thor, and maybe even Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. I say maybe to Incredible Hulk because it is tied in only a little bit and so far as I have heard the Bruce Banner character will be portrayed differently in the Avengers movie which is played by Mark Ruffalo. However, Hulk will be in Avengers so see it you like.

Another tip on these films, watch through the credits! Other than the character development that each separate movie offers the extra bits at the end of the credits are helpful as well, with the exception of Iron Man II which is a sneak peak at the Thor movie.

 So get Captain America today and prepare for the Avengers!



This is the fourth installment of the crazy and wacky escapades of Captain Jack Sparrow. They go after the fountain of youth in this one and run into more legends of the sea, like mermaids. This is Pirates of the Caribbean so you cannot expect happy little mermaids that live under the sea; these mermaids are beautiful and dangerous. To tell you the truth, it was probably the best thing about the movie. This movie was ok and definitely better than the last one. Beautiful scenery and the adaptation of sea stories and legends that have been in the last 3 films continue in this one with the previously mentioned mermaids and the feared pirate Blackbeard.

If you liked the last 3 or at least enjoy the stories and have fun with craziness that Johnny Depp brings to his character then definitely see this film.

 Get it on Blu-Ray and DVD


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