Out This Week 10/26 1-Picks

October 25, 2011 at 4:22 pm (Comics) (, , , )

If I could only pick one…

Single issue:

Secret Avengers #18


Mr. Ellis eagerly anticipated run on this title has been edged out since he started with issue #16, however the inclusion of art by David Aja was just too much not to notice. For me personally, as with most of my titles, this has been pushed to a trade wait, but that doesn’t stop me from shamelessly plugging it! It I was picking up a since issues this week, this would be it. The synopsis says it all:

A can of matter the size of a football, mined from a broken universe, would be enough to turn the Earth into a sun. There are people, hidden from the view of the world, who would do that either to hold the planet to ransom — or just to die knowing they took everyone else with them. And right now there are just three people — Steve Rogers, The Black Widow and Shang-Chi — between us and total annihilation, trapped on a space station in the No-Zone

Call your local store and have them set aside a copy for ya.

Captain Swing #4 would have nabbed it, but it’s been so long since #3, I forgot what it’s about. Wolverine and the X-Men #1 also would have stolen the show, but the premise makes me a bit nervous. With an amazing team of Aaron and Bachalo at the helm, it’s sure to be a great ride, but just barely got edged out by me need for some Ellisy goodness.


Absolute All-Star Superman

If any artist deserves the mega-size treatment, it’s Frank Quitely. Sporting enough detail, time and love to really be relished in an oversized absolute. If I could afford it’s crazy steep (yet typical for Absolutes) price, I’d be all over this baby. However, already having it in TPB, and not really being in the position to drop $80 , I’ll have to wait. If you have never experienced All-Star Superman, this is the perfect opportunity to pick it up in an AMAZING format. For my money, the definitive Superman story. Generally, I don’t praise Mr. Morrison for his characterizations, but may be the quintessential Superman.

Following that, I’m unbelievable excited for Jason Aaron’s Wolverine’s Revenge HC also out this Wednesday.


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