October 16, 2011 at 11:19 pm (Movies)

ZOOKEEPER (10/11/11)

Just another movie with a comedian and talking animals, every comedian that moves into movies usually ends up doing one at sometime. It is a formula I have grown to love. I like the idea of talking animals and fitting celebrity voices with animal personalities is a game that I think I would definitely enjoy. I find Kevin James to be a very funny guy and you throw him in with a bunch of talking zoo animals you got yourself an enjoyable flick. Not necessarily the funniest thing you will ever see, but enjoyable.

I’ll give it a shot. My wife’s dog, Jenna, is an old Husky and if you know Huskies they like to let you know that they are unhappy with something and don’t care how you will feel. I am thinking the mother in Arrested Development, a bit snotty and not caring what people or other dogs think of her and doing whatever she wants. Jenna would probably drink martinis all day if she could also.


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Great cast, I am a big fan of Jason Bateman, Colin Farrell, and Kevin Spacey. Everybody has had a boss at one time or another they did not like, maybe not the desire to commit murder, but just flat out did not like and possibly despised. Granted these bosses take it to the extreme as far as my experiences go but they are horrible. Friends get together start drinking and complaining about their bosses and of course somebody has to suggest killing them. You can figure out how the movie continues. Funny hi-jinks ensue, terrible choices made, all making for some good entertainment.


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GREEN LANTERN (10/14/11)

Another hash mark to add if you are keeping track of the comic movies that have been made within the last several years, nothing wrong with that, I enjoy the comic movies, even some of the not so good ones that have been made (Spider-man 3, Hulk). This was one of the ones that you say “not bad” to. Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan was a good pick, the movie was fun and I am one of the few, if there was anyone else that did not mind the glowing part of the Green Lantern suit. Of course my wife would say that Ryan Reynolds is beautiful, or was that for Chris Hemsworth who played Thor, and said Reynolds was hot. Either way the comment was referring to the way he looked in the tight suit.


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