Out This Week 10/5 1-Picks

October 4, 2011 at 11:38 pm (Comics) (, , , , )

I could only pick one…

Single Issue

Schism #5

AAAADDDDDAAAAAAMMMMM KUUUUUBBBBBEEEEERRRTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s really all I should have to say about this. That, and the climax of this rockin’ tale. I’ll admit I’m woefully behind on this crossover, but that doesn’t dilute my excitement. Call you LCS and have them set one aside, or add it to your MCS order. If you can’t track down the single issues, head over to Amazon to pre-order the trade.


American Vampire

 American Vampire absolutely came out of nowhere and blew me away. I’m not big into westerns, or horror genre, but this book really showcases Snyder’s ability to amaze. Even more amazing, Snyder goes head to head sharing writing duties with superstar Stephen King, and guess who comes out on top? Mr. Snyder of course. If you mossed this the first time around, recitfy that immediately. Grab it

Random Musings:

This week we also get a new printing of X-cutioner’s Song, my very first crossover as a wee lass. It’s pure nostalgia talking, but I still have a soft spot in my imagination for this one. Summers Family unite!


Lastly, Fantastic Four, 1234 is out in a pretty new hardcover. If you’ve never read it, give it a go. It’s a fantastic tale if you can keep it in it’s own little Morrison bubble.


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