October 1, 2011 at 12:21 pm (Movies)


I enjoy it when movies tie their plot in with historical events and adding a bit of a twist to it. Making the moon landing a cover for a classified mission was a great idea.

The third installment was good, better than the second and of course not as good as the first. Before the movie came out Michael Bay said this was going to be more serious and those that die will stay dead and have the comedy there was in the second one. Great! That means that stupid little remote-controlled truck transformer that likes to hump legs will gone. WRONG! Or maybe even the mom and her over the top goofiness would be gone. WRONG! Or how about not having transformer testicles swinging around and drawing attention those. RIGHT! Those were not in this one, I did not have that big of a problem with that I just thought it was not necessary and not all that funny. The twins were gone, I kinda missed those guys. The comment about those dying and staying dead would lead one to believe that a very important character was going to die. They may or may not, I don’t want to spoil anything just in case someone who has not seen the movie comes to this site for the movies.

Overall this movie was pretty good, but I am glad that Michael Bay said this was his last one. Three is a pretty good run and Transformers doesn’t seem like it would be a good saga franchise.

Buy it at Aazon and continue to witness the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons!


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