Out This Week 9/28 1-Picks

September 27, 2011 at 9:41 pm (Comics) (, , , , )

If I could only pick one…

Single Issue

Justice League Dark #1

Another hard week of pickings. The DC 52s have made the past several weeks difficult, and this week they win out again. Passing over Hickman’s Ultimate Comics Ultimates #2 (with what is sure to be fantastic Ribic art), as well as Snyder’s American Vampire #19, and my girl Rebekah Isaacs (and almost equally cool Mr. Christos Gage), my pick of Justice League Dark #1. Why? Because it’s a new series, and I’m pretty excited to have Xandadu, Zatanna AND John Constantine all in one book. However, the clincher has to be the relative newcomer artist Mikel Janin. His stuff is impressive and I can’t wait to see him spread his wings on a big 2 book.
Call you LCS and have them set one aside, or add it to your MCS order


Avengers Prime

While I probably should be picking Holy Terror…I’m not. I’m crazy interested in it, but I’ll go with something I’ve actually read this week, that I don’t think got enough love. Holy Terror is a Miller book, ya’ll already know about it.
In a relatively light week of trades, I’ve got to give this one to Avenger’s Prime. This was a great ride. You don’t need to know anything about these characters other than the basics of who Thor, Iron Man and Steve Rogers are. The initial backdrop of Siege is explained early on, and this is a very new user friendly book if you are interested in any of them. They have quite the grand adventure is a lesser known realm of Norse mythology. Iron Man vs. Ogres. What more do you want? If you’re an Alan Davis fan, that’s an extra bonus. This book reminds me why Bendis is so popular, his ability to bring such icons down to relatable terms in a fun loving way is really his strong suit.
Grab it



  1. Linsay @softlyspokenlas said,

    super excited about JLDark too!! I interviewed Mikel Janin here for Comics Anon Blog http://www.comicsanonymous.co.uk

  2. 4geekreviews said,

    I’ve sorta met him as well,he did some commission work for me a few years ago. I’m glad a big gun finally recognized his talent. I think the general public is going to be blown away by what he bring to the table

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