Lists!Lists!Lists! Top 5 Pre-Orders featuring: Marvel

September 25, 2011 at 5:17 pm (Comics) (, , , )

#5 Astonishing X-Men Monstrous

I may not be the biggest Daniel Way fan, but I who can pass up X-Men vs. Kirby monsters on Monster Island?!? Astonishing is absolutely best collected in trade. The series is more of a collection of minis (think Hellboy) as opposed to one ongoing story. This is Way’s outing, and he’s have to follow up on Whedon and Ellis, no easy feat. BUT JUST LOOK AT THAT KALUTA COVER!! Okay, well Kaluta does not do the interior art, but this is worth a go.

Evil Squid or Amazon





#4 Thor by Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection

Mr. Gillen had quite the shoes to fill after JMS left the book, and I have to commend his work. This felt relatively seemless, which Marvel has had major issues with in the past. Gillen really seems to get the Norse stuff, and anytime I see his name and the words, Asgard, Thor and especially Loki, I’m sold. You should be too.

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#3 X-Men: With Great Power

The newest in the x-line has actally been more fun than expected. The initial launch that felt like it would never end (Curse of the Mutants) was actually pretty entertaining, and the new direction to integrate with the larger marvel u has been successful in my opinions. With the second volume With Great Power, we head back to NY and meet up with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I will not tell a lie, the biggest draw, and best part of this book was Bachalo drawing lizard people. BACAHLO DRAWING LIZARD PEOPLE!!!!  Fantastic, and well executed. This is also, by far the most new user friendly of all the x-books.

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#2 Age of Apocalypse Omnibus

Wow, is this w good looking omni.

I’ll be real up front, you can get this cheaper. The packaging choice is not ideal, but this is the only time it’s been collected in HC. If you are a 90s x-fan, and you have not read this, find a way. Grab the original trades (you can skip vol. 1-it’s a weird little hodge podge) and grab collection 2, collection 3 and collection 4. Now, it’s alternate universe, so you have to be familiar with 90s x-ment to understand the whole story, but if you missed this the first time around, it’s quite a treat. Some of the industries best talent all telling one story. Ellis, Kubert, other Kubert, Dodson, Joe Mad, Nicieza, Churchill, Epting…it keeps going. I already have these in collected editions…but I’m getting this as well. Why? because I’m a sucker.

The omni also includes the prelude issues (most of them) originally called Legion Quest. This has my favorite Professor X/Magneto story (in X-Men 40 & 41), and one of the few Xavier/Magneto stories that shows them anywhere near what the recent film, X-Men: First Class sported. For those of you rather new to X-Men, the bromance is discussed a lot, but rarely seen on panel. The Xavier/Magneto scenes are a small part of the larger story, but has some really good moments.

There have been some complaints regarding issues this omni is missing, but this is actually the most consice way to read the story. I’m actually selling off my prelude trade as the important points are all in here.

Pre-order from Evil Squid or Amazon

#1 Uncanny X-Force: The Dark Angel Saga book 1

I’ve made it well known that I feel Uncanny X-Force is one of the best books being published right now. Don’t like capes book? Doesn’t matter. Think Wolverine and Deadpool are overexposed? Doesn’t matter. Don’t read X-Men? Doesn’t matter. Tired of Apocalypse stories? Doesn’t matter. You *can* start with this book, but really, go back to the first trade and start there. This has been an AMAZING run. Remender doesn’t try and ‘rewrite’ the x-men, or make them into something they are not. Instead he he bulids on their history, and weaves a really fantastic tale. Ever wish you could read the old stories with a MAX label? This book will make you happy. The big bad has been Apocalypse since #1, but htis book actually gives credence to his legacy. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse should be scary. They are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Remender delivers. Along with excellent humor, shocking twists & turns, and spot on characterization of a cast that tends to be hit and miss in other books.  Just go back and get the others. 

Vol. 1 Apocalypse Solution

Vol. 2 Deathlok Nation – not the best for a sophomore outing, but still decent

This months pre-order: Dark Angel Saga bk. 1

Down the road: Dark Angel Saga bk. 2 


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