September 24, 2011 at 2:05 pm (Movies)


Bruce Leroy is a martial arts expert who is in search of the “master.” Along the way he falls in love with a singer, played by Vanity, fights a self proclaimed master of martial arts the evil Sho-Nuff, takes down a corrupt recording studio and achieves the highest level of martial arts to channel the “glow.” This is a silly old school movie that I love and have seen several times. If you want to go old school and see a movie about self exploration with decently choreographed fight scenes and the perfect use of eighties montage music, some comedy to keep you laughing, and a great part played by William H. Macey, then this is the movie to see.

Go oldschool and check this out



A young man, Max, longing to get out of the trailer park and away from the monotony of being the local maintenance man is obsessed with a video game, Starfighter. After finally beating the game he finds out that it was actually a recruiting tool set up by an alien named Centauri working for an alien defense force.  Max is picked up by Centauri and falls into the part of a gunner for the defense force. This movie has state of the art computer graphics for the early eighties which makes that much more fun to enjoy now.  You say to yourself, “I remember when this was cool and the best there was.” Then you realize your kids are thinking the computer graphics suck and this is corny and you really start to figure out just how old you’re getting.  I know I am not the first person who felt this way, my parents felt this way I’m sure, but everyone has to come to that realization at some point and it never stops from that point on. So, for some great old school sci-fi action this is the one that takes you back, or if you are not old enough to remember this is still an enjoyable movie.

So join the battle and save the universe!


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