Out This Week 9/21 1-Picks

September 20, 2011 at 12:34 am (Comics) (, , )

If I had to pick just one…

Single Issue:

Children’s Crusade #7


Holy Hannah was this one hard. Soooo many things to get excited for; Snyder’s Batman #1, Schism #4, Ultimate X-Men #1,  some amazon Rocafort on Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, Red Wing #3but Children’s’ Crusade had to take it. Why? Because I’m a shameless fangirl who loves family drama. Also, the painful 8-10 weeks between shipping has done much to build anticipation. Surprisingly, what I thought would be the end reveal/twist has already been laid out, leaving all kinds of room to handle other issues which I’m pretty excited to see which ones Heinberg decides to tackle. Even if you aren’t into the particular story (but seriously, who isn’t?) you’ve got to love the amazing art by Cheung.

Give your local store a call and see if they have any issues to spare, or if you are just catching wind of this now, pre-order the trade.

New User Friendly? Not really. Start with number 1, or go pick up House of M (which really requires Avengers Disassembled to be fully understood if you are new to Avengers/X-Men)


Morning Glories vol. 2

I’ve been holding off on this series to read it in trade. The initial 6 issue run was equally impressive in art and story (with Eisma’s art juuuust pulling ahead of Spencer). So far this has been a bit like a twisted super-natural co-ed Facts of Life. Oft I’d wonder if it was something I dreamed, or something I’d read. I anxiously anticipate the sophomore outing, so it gets my number one.  Grab the trade at Amazon, Mycomicshop or toss it on your order for through Evil Squid or DCBS




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