Lists!Lists!Lists! Featuring: September Pre-Orders v. 1

September 17, 2011 at 1:43 am (Comics) (, , , )

Top 5 Can’t Miss Trade Pre-Orders: September 2011, the Dark Horse, Image & DC edition

Personally I grab my pre-orders through DCBS or Evil Squid, which rock if you order enough to make the reasonably priced shipping worth it. With 30-50% off, it only takes a few books to make it worth.

Okay, so nearly all of these are re-prints, or DCBS unloading some stuff they have to much of, but still, here are the highlights:

New to you?

#5 Fray

I almost feel silly bringing this up, because if you are a Whedon fan, you already have it, read it and love it, but just in case: Fray is a future story that takes place in the Buffy-verse, solidly loved by new and old fans alike. The downer is it seems to leave us open for a follow-up…that appears to never be coming, Regardless, if you’ve ever liked any of Whedon’s stuff, grab it-love it.

Can’t wait? Grab it at Amazon




Looking forward to…

#4 Batman Through the Looking Glass

Sam Keith, the guy who broke you brain and made your parents force you talk to the school counselor when you were in high school provides the art on this twisted Alice in Wonderland inspired story featuring Batman and (who else) The Mad Hatter. No idea if this is any good at all, but man am I looking forward to it. The Mad Hatter has always been a favorite of mine from the Bat’s rogue gallery, and the surreal imagery all but guaranteed from Mr. Keith can only make it better.

Can’t Wait? Well too bad, it’s a pre-order only, but you can always get it at Amazon if you’re not a DCBSer




Looking forward to…

#3 Morning Glories vol. 2

The launch of this book took everyone by surprise, selling out and getting a third printing of issue #1, as well as several 2nd printings for subsequent issues. Nothing new here, a group of kids with nothing in common wind up in a spooky school, where spooky things are going on beneath the wallpaper and hardwood. Nonetheless, a thoroughly enjoyable story.  I can’t tell if I really like the characters I like, or really like hating the characters I don’t, but after devouring vol. 1, I’ve got high hopes for vol. 2. If you decide to jump on, vol. 1 is available for re-pre-order this month for a crazy $5.99 from DCBS.

Slap it on your DCBS or Evil Squid order, or pre-order from Amazon




New to you?

#2 The Escapists

Brian K. Vaughn has no shortage of fans, and this quiet little story is a good example of why. A poignant, grounded tale that is devoid of the tragic, freak-show, shock and awe stories everyone seems so hard to be trying for these days. Not that I don’t love me some brain-bending, freak-show Morrison-esque stories that I pretend to understand in large groups of people who also didn’t get it, but it’s nice to just get a connectable story about a group of folks. The parallel story within a story was especially well done.

Get it faster and grab it at Amazon




New to you?

#1 Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite

Awesome. Just awesome. From the slightly fractured mind of Gerard Way, we get the Umbrella Academy. If you’re on the fence about this one, hit up your local store, and just get through the first few pages, once you meet the villain, if you’re not sold, you won’t be. There’s something about this freaky little modern day fairytale that sticks with you, and helped along by Ba’s gothic cartoon style art. This is my pick of the month for what is available through DCBS. However, since it’s available darn near every month, I’ll only pick it this month 🙂

Can’t wait? Don’t. Pick it up now.




Honorary Mention:

Frank Cho Women Selected Drawing and Illustrations

FRANK CHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only man who can get away with having pictures of him pointing at T&A all over the world and not get arrested. Pick this up and find out why.

Pick it up (you may even be able to convice your wife or girlfriend it’s an art book)

So there it is. Happy Reading!


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