I Need to Start at the Beginning!!!!!!

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Oh, no, really? Well, okay but you’ve got quite a road ahead of you. I’ll be the first to admit, this is not my strong point.

Cyclops! Angel! Beast! Jean! Iceman! Professor X-you need to know it all, regardless of how dated/nostalgic it may be. These stories feel thier age, but in a fun way. Solid camp. I will say issue 12 was genuinely frightening, and in general, reading these can be a enjoyable romp.

There are a few options to pick them up in collection:

40 Years of X-Men on DVD/CD-ROM:

This is a great opportunity to read scans of the actual books including letters pages and ads. It takes you all the way from #1 (1963) to just before House of M (a jumping on point I’ll get to later).
     -Downside-it ONLY has X-Men issues (later to be renamed Uncanny X-Men). You’ll get only partial stories regarding crossovers. You do however get all of the annuals which was a nice touch.
     -Other downside-you have to read it on a computer.
     -Third downside-it can be hard to come by, and for some reason is stupid expensive at the moment.

X-Men Classics Essentials:

The fastest, easiest, cheapest way to go. Every issues, including tie-ins in a nice neat package.
     -Downside-these are all black and white. However, if you look at some of the coloring back then, B&W may be the way to go.

*The best place to pick up Essentials is at comic cons. I’ve never paid more than $6 for one.

Amazon Links:
X-Men Classic Essentials vol. 1 #1-24

X-Men Classic Essentials vol. 2 #25-53 & Avengers #53

X-Men Classic Essentials vol 3 #54-66; Amazing Adventures #11-17; Marvel Team-Up #4; Incredible Hulk #150 and #161

In stock-Mycomicshop.com X-Men Classic Essentials

Marvel Masterwork (Soft Cover because the HCs are impossibly pricey):
Full color reprints that are very affordable in the softcover (as linked).
     -Downside: looks like these bad boys might not include any tie-ins, but that remains to be seen as:
-They are only at vol. 4 which will leave you hanging right around issue 40 or so leaving you about 26 issues in the lurch. They are continuing the line, but they do it universe-wide. No ETA on vol. 5. Furthermore, when we get to the Uncanny X-Men (Wolverine, Colossus. Storm, Nightcrawler team), even these softcover TPBs get a bit hard to find.

Amazon Links:

Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men vol. 1 #1-10

Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men vol. 2 #11-21

Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men vol. 3 #22-31

Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men vol. 4 #32-42

In stock-Mycomicshop.com Marvel Masterworks


Full color reproductions of every issue AND essential tie-in issues.
     -Downside-expensive. Even for the number of issues you get, these babies are pricey. Also, some are out of print. I would recommend waiting for them to be but out in another format if you can’t get your hands on them for cover price.

Amazon Links

X-Men Omnibus vol. 1 #1-31

X-Men Omnibus vol. 2 #32-66; Avengers #5;, Ka-Zar #2-3; Marvel

Tales #30

In-stock-Mycomicshop.com Omnibi

The complete Start at the Beginning Amazon Store: Start me at the Beginning!

 IMPORTANT!!! 67-93 WERE REPRINTS OF THE STUFF YOU JUST BOUGHT!! Don’t knock yourself out trying to find them.

These’ll take you through to the next jumping on point:

When does Wolverine join the team?


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